Digitize information, optimise
searchability and your profitability
Well-developed information management is a
prerequisite for profitable operations
It starts with digitizing information


Convert paper archives into digital information structures for optimum digital management.

Modern management of information requires a digital and searchable structure for information. Satisfying potential new requirements for searchability, accessibility and information structures will be far more difficult starting from paper-based information in document format. A modern digital information structure creates conditions for optimal digital information management. It therefore often pays to take a holistic approach to information in the business in order to achieve a long-term solution with a digital perspective, not least to avoid having to look in multiple parallel archives. If efficiency and competitiveness are a business priority, the right information should be readily available.

Digitize your entire document and drawing archive, from traditional documents and drawings on paper, to modern searchable digital documents and 3D CAD drawings, which are automatically annotated with standardized and intelligent search information, such as new drawing stamps with all information searchable based on your needs and in compliance with current standards. Different types of classification can also be assigned to establish an appropriate scope of searchable information. The result is a complete digital archive that creates a good basis for efficient digital management.

Customers can have access to our digitization services in their daily work by agreement.


Our customers can be found in all industries that have large amounts of paper drawings that need to be digitized or poor CAD drawings that must be redrawn. See some examples below:

Digitizing your document and drawing archive

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Standard digitalization services

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Additional services create added value

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Control measurement and 3D scanning of buildings and objects

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Asian partners

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