Space and contracts

Modern technology makes it possible to efficiently handle every aspect of space. Creating and updating various contracts, such as leases or cleaning services, is thereby simplified. Contracts with an improved overview can be drafted and graphically displayed directly on the drawing, without needing to update various systems. Reports can be generated in either list or graphical format.

An unlimited number of attributes can be assigned to spaces, such as rent, cleaning, energy or distribution keys. Preferably, the process begins with a redrawing, either based on a site inspection or a 3D scan of the building in question, but a regular scanned drawing can also be used as a starting point.

The space on the drawing can be associated with other links that are linked to documents using symbols. Such documents might include minutes from meetings with comments, or photos showing things in the room, or a problem, such as a water leak.

Optimizing control over both the short and long term improves quality and efficiency, and by extension, profit generation.


Create digital spaces

Spaces can be created from the drawing. By digitizing the entire drawing file into CAD drawings with building-based components, spaces can be created according to Swedish and international standards. Examples of base area expressions as NTA, BTA and BRA, which can be calculated automatically. See more under Digitalization.

Apartment sketches on the web

Presentation slides of spaces and apartments can be created, and by providing them with a unique identity, they can be transferred to other systems for presentation on the web.


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