Business development aims to
create optimal profitability
Well-developed business processes provide support
to high quality and profitable operations
It starts with creating processes that supported by
appropriate software tools

Business Development

Well-developed business processes and procedure descriptions are required to support quality and profitable operations.

Our customers’ business processes are an important part of their competitiveness and these are best supported by well implemented IT systems. Business processes should be described by procedures and checklists that truly support the business, so that it is clear when and how the various work steps should be carried out. This will ensure both higher information quality and lower costs.

Many small cost items can be eliminated through efficient implementation. Studies show that employees can spend several hours a day looking for the right information. Creating and maintaining internal information is therefore one of the most important competitive tools in the business, and an important part of profit generation.

A well-executed investment in an information management system solution therefore generates immediate benefits for the business. We are happy to share our experience in document and information management by offering a set of working procedures and checklists tailored to the situation in question. These can be customised within the framework of quality standards such as ISO 9001 and form the basis of a complete quality standard for your document and information management.

Become the best at accessing strategic information

Finding the information you want, in the right version and when you need it, is definitely the guiding principle of all information management. Information is stored in documents and in computer systems, with varying degrees of availability, and together they form the information bank of the business. At present, access to the right information on the Internet is also an important part of this. But the difficulty of finding the information when needed is a major problem. Despite increasingly efficient search engines, information needs to be structured in a way that is adapted to the business. By identifying the need and how best to support it, the right actions can be taken. Our work always starts with an investigation, identifying the full range of needs. We then work with the client’s representatives to find the right solution.

Examples of customer solutions

Our customers are in all industries that need to optimise the management of technical information. See some examples below:

Optimize business processes

The basis of all activities is to create added value of some kind. The more efficiently this work can be done, the greater the benefits that can be generated. Read more….

Organize strategic information

The information must be classified according to different search terms, which means that it must be well structured. Older solutions used predetermined keywords, whereas today it is possible to create greater flexibility and a more adaptable structure. Read more…

Digitize and structure the information

Existing information must be digitised and well structured. This is essential to form the information structures needed to increase the accessibility and classification of information. Read more…

Get the best of access to strategic information

Well-developed business processes and procedure descriptions are required for increased competitiveness. Read more…

Do a feasibility study and test a pilot installation

Do a thorough planning with the help of a feasibility study and a test that investigates in advance the necessary details to ensure a successful end result. Read more…


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