Specialist services aim to
ensure optimal profitability
Well-developed business services are necessary to support
high quality and profitable operations
It starts with leveraging specialists for critical needs

Specialist services

Our business recognizes the need for a broad knowledge in the implementation and operation of a new digital system. Implementation and operation of a digital system requires experience. Service should ideally offer support for all existing needs.

Deployment of a new document and information system is a major step toward simpler and more efficient operations. A service agreement is recommended to optimize the new system and ensure operational availability, especially in acute situations. Such an agreement also includes maintaining the system in good condition and access to expertise at regularly scheduled intervals.

Provide specialist knowledge

The most effective way to obtain the greatest return on such an investment, both initially and as issues arise, is to have access to specialist expertise. Getting it right from the start and then implementing a planned quality-focused annual maintenance schedule will result in a far more cost-effective system solution. It is easy to make mistakes and to trivialize underlying needs, which often makes it necessary to start all over again, thereby incurring unnecessary additional costs. The best approach is to formulate a long-term plan extending over several years and to revise it annually in conjunction with maintenance of the system.

Our specialist services are offered via the Trix Online Services portal, which means that most services do not require travel or on-site visits. We are quite simply easily available online, just a mouse click away.

Take advantage of our extensive experience

The design of the digital change is not obvious. Rapid technological developments and changes in society require long-term planning and annual updates of current plans. Our extensive experience is based on working with a variety of customers in many different industries. We offer well-developed services, documented as procedures and checklists, and provide effective support for your business. You can add new features to your business by contacting our specialists to tap into their cutting-edge expertise as needed. Together, we develop methods for incorporating document and information management into your overall strategy by identifying areas where we can help to optimize your business in order to create a cost-effective, long-term total solution.

We verify all long-term agreements through annual contracts that clarify the business relationship in detail. Check out our services below:

Business Support

Our experience with document and information management for technical operations provides us with a solid foundation on which to build when designing our business support services. Read more…

Installation & configuration

We can offer different installation and configuration services as needed. Read more…


Access to support are fundamentally important to help you in your daily work. Read more…


Access to training are fundamentally important to help you in your daily work. Read more…


We can offer digitization of your drawing archive, from paper drawings to modern 3D CAD models, including standardized and intelligent objects. Read more…

Data clean-up & Migration

We can offer the necessary transfer of information from an existing system or a file system to the Trix database. Read more…

CAD service

We can offer different CAD services, from drawing revision to application development in CAD environment. Read more…

System development

We can offer different programming services, from customizations to complete systems in the C ++ environment. Read more…

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