Control of information on deliveries

Although coordination and submission controls are important, they are difficult to grasp in the digital world, and therefore often poorly executed. As a result, recipients do not usually receive the agreed quality; instead, the information requires expensive revisions and additional work to improve the quality. Delivery verification should be planned already at the procurement document stage, and managed no differently than the usual review and approval processes.

In the digital world, however, the integrated digital structure of the documents must also be verified, so that the information can be imported into management systems. A project portal allows external parties to remotely manage coordination and submission controls, which increases the potential for faster access and lowers costs. Internal initiatives can then focus more on information content rather than on file administration. Document files can be verified regarding the internal information structure and relationships between files. Any adjustments that are necessary can be made before the documentation is approved and returned to management. Formal approval processes can also be carried out, for example to meet formal contract requirements for approval before payment for work that has been performed.

All new and revised documents must be reviewed and approved before they can be accepted. Verification is based on the requirements stipulated in Swedish standards and recommendations, such as Construction Document 90, Part 8, and the international standard SS-EN 82045. We have adapted our Trix Delivery Specification, which focuses on requirements that are particularly important for digital submissions, to these standards. This is a major advantage for quality initiatives and facilitates modern methods.

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