Get the best of access to strategic information

The most common is subject cataloguing, which has long been done as classification and typing of documents.

There is also a need for strategic classification, which is currently done, for example, by creating tags for images and information. A more industrial classification is to create, with its industry different standards, information structures to which the information can be linked. Examples of this are reference designations of plant objects such as pumps and motors in an industrial production environment. By linking both documents and equipment to the reference designations, the information can be found more easily when searching with the information structure as a support. This is because the information structure creates local search areas, which are easier to search and to get an overview of.

Information structures of this type can be usefully complemented by the more modern method of “tagging” objects. But where the tags are managed as fixed in part, and free in part. A combination of several methods!

In this way, modern information structuring can contribute to the strategic management of information. And create competitive advantages!

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