Project Portal with external access

A project portal makes your documents available online to external users. Documents can be “checked out” so that the revision can be carried out without affecting the original in the archive, and without interfering with ongoing management. You save work time by allowing external users to follow a common set of rules, thereby simplifying the entire management process, achieving better quality and eliminating time-consuming steps. Your documents will be delivered directly to your archive, rather than on CDs with poorly organized files, or as files sent through your overflowing e-mail system.

Employees working on the project can share information through the project portal using a structure consisting of, for example, process objects, such as stages, milestones or main activities and appropriate file structures. These objects should reflect the project plan to support a well-organized document management system for the project. A file structure can be created below each process object to facilitate arranging, exchanging and sharing of files in the project. The file tree is used as a work surface prior to the formal delivery to the relevant process object. External users can efficiently interact until the next delivery and then submit all documentation with full control based on the project, and the client can begin internal processing and control directly in the portal. All deliveries are registered in a log that is available to employees working on the project.

The project portal also manages deliveries of BIM information, such as XML files with object information such as space definitions or components. Special features can handle this type of object according to international standard recommendations.

A project portal is an ideal way to manage necessary changes to the documentation that is required for new construction and renovations. Considerable time can be saved by streamlining this process, especially when external specialists carry out delivery inspections to ensure that the documentation delivered meets the agreed criteria.

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