High quality property management
for optimal profitability
Well-developed business processes are necessary to support
to high quality and profitable operations
It starts with high quality property management

Real estate

Property management requires flawless facilities and equipment management.

The aim of property management is to create and maintain spaces that can be leased out or sold. Property managers are at a marked advantage when using drawings that clearly and accurately present the facilities under management that are to be offered on the market. By entering the relevant attributes for the spaces, such as floor area and occupancy class, different types of contracts can be drawn up. This is most easily accomplished by marking the areas to be included on the drawing.

The space in a building is the engine that generates the rental income and with an organized approach and maximum occupancy, revenue can be increased. Using the digital overview as the point of departure, the goal is optimal management of information about the property, based on the drawing.

Our Trix products are designed to help property managers organize and maintain technical information to ensure high quality and availability as needed.

Created to meet the needs of the property manager

Trix products offer unique features to assist property managers in documentation and information searches; such as quick search using specific search functions, and the ability to quickly and easily view documents and drawings in our document viewer. Features to manage spaces and contracts with related information are also included.

Examples of customer solutions

Our customers include building owners, property managers, rental companies, cleaning companies, hospitals and chain stores. See some examples below:

Space and contracts

Spaces are the main objects in property management databases. They are intended to be leased out or sold to generate revenue. They also have to be maintained and sometimes renovated. Read more…

Optional BIM information

The various attributes that relate to property management can usually be obtained from modern drawings, or added during planning, or even added during routine maintenance. Read more…

Energy Performance Certificates

Energy consumption, such as heating, must be able to be controlled in each property. The information must be reported to the authorities, and improvements should be initiated and implemented. Read more…


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