Want to know how to save money?

Finding sought and accurate information, the latest version, and at the right time, is definitely the guiding light of all the information. Just searching for information must be focused on the needs of the different users’ roles that occur within the organization. Expresses “in a simple way”, describes different for different individuals and roles.

Employees spend a lot of time searching for information. Studies show that it may take several hours a day and employees. The rationalization effect is huge, unfortunately, these costs are distributed to many different cost accounts, and therefore can not be easily derived. This often prevents rational decisions about optimal investments, for example, that it is not enough to buy a system, something has to be done for the information and how to handle it. Look at this table, it shows a simple example.

The table below shows how a simple calculation shows how a few daily minutes per user will be many for a whole year.

The one-time fee for the introduction of, for example, Trix Organizer for 10 users including feasibility studies, licenses, installation, training and process descriptions amounts to approximately $53 000.

Process for 10 users Minutes per dag Save 50 % Saved minutes per year
Find correct documents 30 15 15 x 235 = 3525
Create new documents 15 8 8 x 235 = 1 880
Find old versions 10 5 5 x 235 = 1 175
Reporting and digital distribution 30 15 15 x 235 = 3525
Digital handling of drawings 40 20 20 x 235 = 4 700
Search of properties in drawings 40 20 20 x 235 = 4 700
Total time in minutes per year 195 050 (10 urs)
Total time recalculated in hours  3 250 hours
Annual working hours and hourly expenses 235 days and $60

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