Why do we do this?

We are engineers at your service

Our business has its origins in our own work as engineers in a variety of industries. Our professional experience has motivated us to create the Trix products to simplify life for engineers in their day-to-day work with documents and information. Our specialist services were also developed in response to meeting the needs of engineers.

Fundamentally, we are engineers

We create systems for engineers based on their needs for tools and procedures in each business process by carefully studying the roles of the various users in the business and simplifying their daily lives by constantly optimizing the tools in the Trix products and associated services.

Our products offer many features specifically designed for this purpose, and we are early adopters of new technologies in the market. One example is our new Deep Zoom technology, which dramatically speeds up the display of drawings on mobile devices and laptops. Users can enjoy a completely new experience when they don’t have to download the entire huge drawing file. Quick and efficient for users in their daily work!

Management of engineering-based information

Large variations are not uncommon in the structure, quality and reliability of digital information. These three basic conditions must be managed simultaneously and successfully interact to avoid often loss of confidence in the information.

Management of engineering-based information is both complex and comprehensive. Change management also generates large amounts of information that must be quality-assured each time there is a change. All of our Trix products were developed to facilitate this task.

Engineering demands creativity both for new designs and when revising existing designs. The final product must be approved and verified prior to publication. This may seem obvious, but is both challenging and necessary in the digital world because copying is so convenient that it may easily result in a chaotic plethora of copies.

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