We believe in long-term business relationship based on mutual trust. The types of contract that we recommend cover various parts of our products and services with the ultimate goal of a business relationship based on mutual agreement. It is essential to synchronize various procedures to ensure a smooth business relationship.

We offer the following agreements. The agreements are reviewed annually so that the business relationship can be continuously revised as needed.

License agreement

Agreement about the right to use Trix products. The license agreement governs the terms that essentially give the user’s organization the right to use the software as long as agreed fees are paid.

Subscription agreement

Agreement about annual updates to ensure that Trix products remain current. The subscription agreement governs the terms of the software updates published during the contract period.

Software Support agreement

Agreement about software support in the daily work. The Program Support Agreement governs the terms of support needs that arise in daily work.

Specialist Support agreement

Agreement about specialist knowledge as the need arises. The specialist support agreement regulates the conditions for the need for specialists arising in the business. Specialists are not available in the same way as the program support and the assignments are usually significantly longer.

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