Public administration must be
efficient and customer-oriented
Well-developed business processes and procedure descriptions
are needed to support a high-quality profitable business
It starts with high quality performance

Public administration

Public sector archives lend themselves well to digitization, offering advantages such as greater access for the public.

Public archives have broad scope, ranging from minutes of important meetings to long-term archiving of documents to be preserved for posterity. Archives that contain drawings and other technical documents require special handling with respect to accessibility and long-term archiving, as well as common archiving standards.

Merging various existing archives to enable them to work together in a new digital system is a complex process. Special demands are placed on good organization, accessibility and confidentiality, as well as round-the-clock, online public accessibility.

Our Trix products are designed to help archival managers organize and maintain technical information to ensure that it is of high quality, archivable for a long time and available when needed.

Created to meet the needs of the archival manager

Archival managers need unique features to facilitate management of incoming and outgoing documents; for example, scanning of incoming cases for subsequent digital management must be convenient. Archived documents must be maintained and current cases must be archived. This relatively broad, complex task is further complicated by the digital revolution and rapid changes in society, such as requirements for external online access. Trix products offer unique features to accomplish this, such as generation and management of file formats that remain secure over the long term such as cals, jedmics and PDF/A, quick search functions, and the option to create information structures based on customer needs and requirements.

Long-term secure archive storage

Lengthy document retention requirements are often imposed on archives maintained by the authorities, as much as 50 years or more. To meet these requirements, both the search information and the document file must be secure for long-term storage. Unlike other archives, public authorities must keep documents selected for permanent retention available in perpetuity. In addition, such documents usually pertain to cases that are received and managed for which documentation is never updated, so each version is stored separately.

To meet long-term storage requirements, file formats must be intended for that purpose and archival information must comply with a certain structure in order to be transferrable to other systems, such as those used by the authorities. Our archives can handle cals, jedmics and PDF/A. They can be stored together with metadata, which is standard for long-term archiving. All tools are available for this form of management. This approach makes it possible to create a long-term archiving strategy that complies with current standards.

Examples of customer solutions

Our customers include building owners, property managers, rental companies, cleaning companies, government-run hospitals, county councils and municipalities. See some examples below:

Facilities management

Facilities management is part of public sector operations. Since it is not different from other property management, it is sorted under Real estate.

Building permit archive

Unlike other archives, the building permit archive must keep stored documents available in perpetuity. Read more…

Public access to archives

The management of archives in the public sector differs little from the private sector. Read more…


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