Industrial producers

Production industries must manage vast quantities of technical documents and information. This information must meet high quality and accessibility standards because errors could compromise operations. Avoidable breakdowns can be extremely expensive. Typically, the scope of such documentation is enormous, for example 150,000 drawings, 5,000 manuals, 500 risk assessments and 75,000 equipment identities. Our products link all such information to make searches faster and more efficient.

Equipment documentation must be available for lightning-fast searches and kept up to date. Implemented changes must be extensively checked before they can be approved.

Given today’s competition and high quality standards, such vast quantities of information can no longer be managed manually. Moreover, tampering with reviewed and approved information cannot be allowed. Once a good system is in place, it should be maintained and improved, not destroyed by hastily adding entries or carelessly copying information without controls.

In light of the digital scope of the technical information and the market requirements described above, benefit can only be achieved through robust functionality that actually supports the relevant workflows. Customized simplifications and solutions for set requirements that are tied to individual employees cannot ensure that needs are met in the long term.

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