Asian partners

We have extensive cooperation with several Asian partners in India, Sri Lanka and China, and have done so since 2002. Our deliveries go to customers in Sweden, Norway, the UK and the US. The most common service involves converting drawings from paper to CAD by scanning, as well as pure drawing work, both in 2D and the more advanced 3D. We have also provided a large number of illustrations for technical manuals and registered metadata for scanning in document management systems or other systems.

We can offer a cost-effective conversion of your drawing stock or ongoing maintenance of minor revisions. In this process, we take full responsibility for the management so that we are the contact you have during the course of work. In doing so, we also ensure the agreed quality objectives. This also applies to ongoing maintenance. All work is carried out on the basis of well-developed procedures, creating repetitive implementations that have been trimmed for a long time.

Our ISO-certified approach includes procedures and checklists, as well as instructional videos on how the work should be conducted in order to achieve high quality. To serve the same purpose, we have also created control software for self-monitoring prior to delivery of the final product, thereby avoiding unnecessary errors due to staff turnover, which is high in the Asian countries. By applying this approach from day one we are able to deliver an extremely high-quality product.

Our customers appreciate high quality and many have experienced quality-related problems with other suppliers.

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