Energy Performance Certificates

Energy consumption must be declared according to a regulatory directive that applies throughout the EU. The reason for this directive is the desire and requirement to optimize energy and improve energy performance in all buildings within the EU. Energy performance is a measure of how much energy is used for heating, cooling, hot water and residential electricity in a building. All energy used for these purposes for an entire year is tallied and divided by the heated area of the building. Energy consumption is specified in number of kilowatt hours (kWh) consumed per square meter, which means that the energy performance is expressed in kWh/m2 per year. The Energy Performance Certificate includes data on the heated area of the building, called A-temp, and energy consumption for heating, cooling, hot water and residential electricity.

In Trix products, these parameters can be specified on the drawing for each space and energy performance can quickly be viewed in reports. Digital management holds great potential for efficient management of workflows.

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