Data clean-up & migration

Sometimes information from an existing system or file system has to be moved to the new document and information system. In such cases it may be appropriate to clean up the existing information to correct past mistakes and provide the new system with the best possible conditions right from the start. Well-organized information is crucial to achieve optimal efficiency. We have completed a number of migrations ranging from a few thousand files to several hundred thousand data records from various systems into one of our modern document and information systems.

We conduct a separate feasibility study on data migration to analyze the conditions under which existing data can be handled in terms of content and structure. Then we determine how the entire data set can be transferred and possibly restructured based on new conditions.

This work is important and can include everything from files that were originally scanned to pure transfer from an existing database or aggregate data set.

We provide a report that can serve as a basis for pricing and decisions regarding implementation.


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