Provanum AB was founded in 1993 by Thomas Malmberg, who is now CEO of the company. Thomas previously worked for the engineering consulting firm GEKAB and also had considerable experience from the CAD industry. During the early years Provanum operated as a consulting firm that helped businesses and municipalities with studies and procurement projects related to document management. During this period, Provanum did not develop its own products, but acted as a reseller for other document management systems.

Four years earlier, in 1989, Per Hillerström and Jörgen Frilander founded Trix Systems AB. With their background from CadPoint AB in Borås (Point products), Trix Systems wanted to develop standardized software programs aimed at engineers and intended for sale through resellers and distributors. The first products were TracTrix, which converted raster objects into vector objects, and Trix DrawingCenter – a document viewer to view drawings and documents.

The US company Trix Systems, Inc. was founded in 1995. Two US employees, Paul Sorensen and Chris Sweetnam, entered into a partnership to run the company and sell Trix products in the US, Canada and South America.

Provanum and Trix Systems merged in 1998 and together they would take the next step. Provanum abandoned its role as reseller and began to sell proprietary solutions under the Trix product name. The first new addition to the product family was Trix Organizer, the digital document archive that is now the company’s main product.

In 2002 Provanum grew once again when the CAD Group joined them. The CAD Group, founded in 1988, focused on electrical design and had made a name for themselves in the consulting and installation industry as an authorized AutoCAD dealer. With this addition, Provanum was able to offer a wider array of strong products, industry expertise and outstanding CAD training programs.

An office opened in Norway in 2005, mainly aimed at the real estate industry, and we now have Norwegian customers. A similar office opened in Dubai in 2008, resulting in some customers in India.

The most recent addition was Referat Fastighetsinformation AB, which joined us in 2006 to become the key link to the field of property information management. Its product Fdok, a simple online archive, was taken over and integrated into the Trix family. Backed by Referat’s expertise, Provanum was able to further fine-tune its products and expand its target group.

The UK office opened in 2008, the result of a collaborative effort with the Swedish Trade Council in London. The office is centrally located London, and has facilitated our presence in the UK. We also have a British partner and the market continues to expand.

The US business has steadily grown, with several major customers at this time.

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