Structures and spaces

Physical objects in the sense of “buildings,” or actually structures, since masts, signal towers, cisterns, substations and even works of art may be included under this heading, are among the most important human creations. Structures usually include areas in which people are found and such areas are key components in managing a building.

Space is the essence of a building, the part that someone wants to use, and pay rent for, or purchase. In digital management, spaces must be handled as a particularly important object type, which can be assigned various attributes, such as surface area according to Swedish standards. A space may contain various types of installations that may need repairs and maintenance.

Contracts for leases or services such as cleaning are based on spaces. All types of attributes can be determined and stored for these objects, such as energy consumption, key systems, VAT codes and maintenance tasks.
These attributes can then be used to print out graphical reports that clearly present the data. All information can be displayed both as traditional lists and graphically through colorful drawings with explanatory legends.

Certain features are needed to easily acquire an overview for control and to present data in different contexts. For example, the drawing can show how a lease extends over several identified spaces, or illustrate the use of various spaces by a business.

Our Trix products have solutions for many needs related to property management, and the data can also be linked to other systems, such as the rental business or financial management solutions.

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