A solid foundation of support will help your business put Trix products to optimal use. Support while using Trix products is essential, not just initially, but even on an ongoing basis, for updates, and to train new users.

Support can be provided online with access to a personal online support provider.

Our software support is available for deployment and covers all features in Trix products.
Tutorial training courses are also available.

We also provide specialist support through direct access to our specialists in various fields.

PTS Frontdesk

Our support is provided through the PTS Frontdesk customer service, which is available by phone, email or online. Customers in all markets, both in Sweden and abroad, share the same support service, which is part of the sales process.

All incoming cases are registered via PTS Frontdesk, which is staffed daily between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. CET. Every case is assigned a case number and addressed based on the terms of the support agreement. Typically, response time is just a few minutes, but the nature of the case determines how long it will take to resolve it. Customers with priority agreements will experience the shortest turnaround times.

Trix Subscription Support

Maintenance of Trix software is handled via Trix Subscription Support, which is a subscriber agreement. It provides free access to new versions of the same major version, for which a fee of 20 percent of the total license cost will be charged annually in advance. In addition, assistance is available for both installation and configuration. The agreement is aimed at the customer’s system administrator, who will thereby have the support to achieve optimal software performance.

Trix Software Support

Support for users who need help with the features in the Trix product. This support is available following training and deployment of the new Trix product, to help users understand its features. Charges for utilized time are billed monthly based on each initiated 15-minute period.

Trix Specialist Support

We also provide specialist support, Trix Specialist Support, which includes direct access to our specialists in various areas of expertise in information management. This support is intended to provide expertise for specific tasks involving workflows in which Trix products are used. Specialist Support should usually be scheduled in advance for efficiency purposes. Charges for utilized time are billed monthly based on each initiated 15-minute period.

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