Who are we?

An organization provider

Documents and information pose a challenge for technical information management. Many users rely on the knowledge that plans, manuals and other documentation are correct, approved and relevant. The best way to ensure high quality is to use systematics and information management systems. Our mission is to work with our customers to lay the groundwork for proper organization so that users can save time, avoid mistakes and reduce costs.

Provanum as business partner

Provanum is an expert consulting firm specializing in technical document and information management. We specialize in managing technical information in technological businesses using our proprietary Trix product family and our market-tailored specialist services.

Trix products are now in their seventh generation. From our inception in 1992 through today, we have developed several different products intended to meet a variety of needs in technical document and information management. To date we have provided more than 50,000 licenses worldwide.

We offer efficient ancillary services tailored to our current customer needs. Our years of experience have given us a thorough understanding of how to design and deploy the ideal product for the purpose, while meeting requirements at all times.

We design Trix solutions that can grow to meet the future needs of our customers, and strive to retain our position at the forefront of technology and usability, which guarantees optimized source code and technical solutions right into the future.

Target group

The typical customer is an organization in which documents such as drawings and other technical documents are important for the core business. Users include engineers or technical staff involved in construction or technical management and maintenance, in both the public and private sectors, as well as small and large enterprises.

Your partner in organization

When you choose Provanum as your provider, you are not just choosing a document and information management system, you are also choosing to organize your technical information – thereby maximizing your competitiveness. With us as your partner, you are getting a highly reputable provider of expert IT support – a partner who delivers customer benefit.

We have offices in Sweden, the UK and the US, our most important markets. Today, the majority of service is provided online and through our Asian partners, we offer an international organization with 24/7 availability.

Our business philosophy

We deliver workflows and software tools that efficiently manage and store an ever-increasing quantity of information.
Our high-quality solutions must provide our customers with benefits at the lowest possible cost.
We establish and develop long-term customer relationships.

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