Project portal for effective
management of information
Well-developed business processes and procedure descriptions
are needed to support a high-quality profitable business
It starts with the quality of the project information


Good tools and practices facilitate quality control in all types of change management relating to technical documentation.

The main purpose of an online project site is to achieve simplified project management and good control over all incoming and outgoing document files. The underlying concept is to conveniently manage digital documentation in response to changes made by external parties.

Allowing them to log in to the project archive simplifies the entire management process while improving quality and eliminating time-consuming sorting of incoming files.

The system ensures that incoming document files are managed in a way that prioritizes good organization. Working with change management through a project structure with digital delivery and supported by optimal tools saves time for you and your external users. And you also achieve delivery control that meets the terms of a prepared contract!

Working with change management through a project structure with digital delivery and supported by optimal tools and practices saves time for you and your external users. This approach promotes for high-quality information.

Online project management portal

Digital information is easy to move from one party to another, compared with paper-based information. The downside of simplicity, however, is that it is far too easy to send too much information, or to send the same information again, and perhaps again and again before the project is completed. And every time the information is sent, there is a pressing need to compare information and clean it up. Consequently, only information that is relevant and checked should be sent. Trix products contain features with various methods for checking submissions from external suppliers. Quality control is simplified when only a controlled subset of information has to be managed.

Use construction industry recommendations

In Sweden, our instructions are based on SIS Construction Document 90, Part 8, edition 2, Digital deliveries for construction and asset management. This recommendation is a welcome initiative for coordination of digital flows in the construction and management process. The instructions gather industry stakeholders who formulated “Application Instructions” to clarify the relevant needs of a specific customer or project. Provanum is a co-author of this book, and we have formulated our own Trix Application Instructions, which are based on the equivalent document from the BIM Alliance. The book is intended to provide guidance for govern digital flows based on the needs of our customers.

Examples of customer solutions

Our customers can be found in all businesses that carry out projects in which digital information is generated or changed. See some examples below:

Digital management of construction projects

Digital drawing management is generally accepted by the industry. However, exchange of documents between project participants gets disrupted by poorly organized data transmission and poor control over what is sent and when. Read more…

Project Portal with external access

Extensive information changes should be administered as a project with its own organization and budget. The relevant subset of information is then “checked out” from the management systems so the change does not interfere with ongoing operations. The internet is used for communication. Read more…

Information control for submissions

Although control over coordination and submission are important, it is difficult to achieve in the digital world, and therefore often poorly executed. Read more…


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