Digitizing your document and drawing archive

We have carried out a large number of conversion work of information in documents by digitizing these, for example from a paper drawing to a modern cad model in 3D technology, equipped with industry-adapted cad objects. And all done according to national or international standards and customer requirements.

Each document is provided with new title blocks and searchable texts in these. This information can then be used to automatically record the documents in the document management system, such as our Trix products.

With our extensive service offering, we can change your paper-based drawing file from passive paper drawings to active cad models, which you can use in many different ways in your business.

Examples are a better basis for rent and cleaning agreements, better design documentation for rebuilding or a presentation material for the rental business and areas automatically calculated based on intelligent building objects in the drawing and much more.

Another type of digitalization we carry out is fast and simple conversion of single drawings, as needed. Examples are some drawings to be submitted for design, where it will be cheaper to deliver completed cad drawings to the project.

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