Equipment and components

Physical objects that are handled in technical operations, such as pumps, motors and fans require extensive documentation. They can be grouped in different structural levels of information and identified by reference numbers, based on European and US standards. Usually there are structures for function, physical location and product type, as well as links to both related documentation and operation and maintenance plans. Examples include drawings, manuals, maintenance descriptions and warranty certificates.

We can work to create designation structures by agreement, based on customer request. We can then enter them into our Trix products that offer management functions. Searches will be accurate and the established structure will be retained when the information is revised.
For example, equipment numbers can be entered with a defined structure, with associated regulations for retrieval of new designations. Documents are then linked to the equipment so that they can be searched individually, with internal relationships entered for effective searches

Information in the form of documents such as drawings and manuals can be optionally grouped based on reference numbers for equipment. Manufacturer-specific documentation is linked to the product, which in turn is linked to the reference number of the equipment.

Our Trix products also have solutions for management of binders and CE documentation, which allows documentation to be grouped based on need. A digital binder can be dynamic, which means that documentation can be divided up into several different binders.
Sound difficult? It isn’t, let us explain …

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