Digitize and structure information

Documents, drawings and other information in paper format must be converted to digital equivalents. No shortcuts can be taken when the goal is efficient information management. However, the degree of digitization may vary depending on requirements and benefits.

Scanning and adding search information are usually sufficient, but drawings, for example, can provide a great deal more if they have a fully digital information structure. Searchability and accessibility of information increase dramatically, thereby creating more reliable decision support documentation.

Databases serve as the engine in the digitized information structure. Without them, optimum benefits are difficult to achieve. Existing information must be digitized and well-structured. This task is unavoidable and entails investment costs for the business. However, as a result the business gains a considerable competitive advantage, which ultimately makes the investment well worthwhile.

Converting from paper-based to digital information can be directly profitable by leveraging the benefits of large quantities of digital information. We have a long history of working with Asian partners and companies and can offer competitive prices, while also assuming operational responsibility for the end result. See more under Digitization.

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