ArcelorMittal – I/N Tek and Kote selectingTrix Organizer 7

I/N Tek and Kote is a steel processing plant in Indiana, USA which is highly capitalized by large investments in the plant and equipment.  There is a large number of engineering drawings and technical documentation for every part of plant and all the machinery.  Access to these drawings is extremely vital for ongoing maintenance which occurs on a very regular basis.

Steve Fay, Systems Manager, contacted us at the end of July, 2015 for a web-demo and pricing for our Trix Organizer EDM software. This was due to that the cost of upgrading their current Oracle database was so high they determined that evaluating alternatives was necessary. The database software also needed to meet corporate standards for their new Windows Server version.

They had over 300 users with their existing system, of which 20 users edit drawings in their standalone CAD application.

They also have over 100,000 files which need to be cleaned and smoothly migrated from their existing system to the new system.

After the normal sales process they ordered a Trix Pilot Program and Data Migration study which was performed by a Trix Document Management Specialist in Jan,2016.

After installing a pilot and successfully testing the system for 5 months I/N Tek and Kote ordered the Trix Organizer 7 system and data migration service in May, 2016. Other factors that influenced their purchase was the cost saving price of the system, ease of use and the fast migration process.

After the final installation and migration of the clean data from the Oracle system they went live in Dec, 2016. Since then they have ordered more migration services, additional user licenses and training sessions.

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