Trix Organizer Transportation Example

A  leading global technology company in the railway and mass transit systems  business receives drawings and documents from its own design group, from railway  track owners  and from a multitude of subcontractors employed to install and  maintain their equipment. Scheduling track signal maintenance and upgrades  requires precise time-keeping predicated on precise record keeping. Track  downtime is too costly to do otherwise.

Trix  Organizer is used to control the inflow and outflow of drawings  and specifications for individual projects. The system ensures that correct  and complete documentation is issued. It also tracks documents checked  out for approvals and flags tardy responses. In turn this helps  the firm maintain its commitment to timely, high quality, communication  with its customers and its contractors. The reporting system also provides  ‘proof of delivery’ of distributed documents.

Some  documentation is extremely sensitive. Access is strictly controlled by Trix  Organizer’s log-in and permission rights.

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